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Your new web site and mailings are really looking professional. I find the content also very interesting, working for a major Cambodian bank as a corporate trainer, and was surprised how economic the training options are in NZ. Continue the good work! I can learn from you - Pierre F. Walter, Docteur en droit (Geneva), CEO, Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC Media Productions & Publishing

Thank you so much for the Multicultural webinar this morning (21 June 2011). This was the first time we had attended one of your webinar's. We had ten people attend and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

As previously mentioned we had a focus on culture this week, having an in-house presentation yesterday and today our social club is having a dress as your culture day. So we have scot's, irish, duck shooters, rugby players, jokers, australian's wandering around the hospice today. So Jenny's presentation this morning was very timely and gave us another perspective of culture in the workplace. We all got a lot out of the session and are looking forward to the creativity session next month.

I really related to Jenny's comment on how we often don't see what our culture is. I have had trouble trying to work out my culture over the last week. Have a great day - Lisa MacGibbon, Palliative Care Development Administrator, North Shore Hospice Trust.

Wonderfully supportive of her authors. Thanks Ann for the Corporate Toolbox - Roberta Budvietas

I was amazed, barely 3 days after my books and articles were loaded onto The Corporate Toolbox website, Google analytics was already tracking me. That is speed. If you are an author or professional speaker with e-books and articles then you need to get your name and your material onto The Corporate Toolbox NOW! It saves you doing all the blogging and SEO stuff that busy people just don't have the time to do - Sandy Geyer, Businesswoman, Speaker, Trainer

Ann and the Corporate Toolbox have provided me with an excellent vehicle to communicate my message to thousands of people all around the world as well as sell and market my career management and goal development tools. A leader in the personal development and human resources management sectors, Ann is a true specialist in her fields of expertise. The Corporate Toolbox is a wonderful portal for people focused on growing their career and their business, knowing they will get quality products every time! - Tom O'Neil B.Soc.Sci.(Psych) Managing Director CV.CO.NZ (NZ) Limited

Thank you Ann - your customer service when things don't quite go to plan is exceptional - Andrea Morgan - School of Art & Design, AUT University

What a wonderful website. I have gained so much knowledge from the wonderful resources found on your website. I love the easy and fast access of eBooks. The material has enhanced the information I share with early childhood educators to support them in their roles as leaders and educators. I have no hesitation in recommending the corporate tool box to those I work with. - Wendy Gatward, Director/Facilitator, Early Childhood Education Professional Development

I manage http://www.Marakana.com - an open source training website. I was searching for similar sites when I came across The Corporate Tool-Box. During my search, I found your page at www.thecorporatetoolbox.com. From all the pages I found related to that subject, yours is definitely one of the most comprehensive. I just loved your informative content and your article "Motivating My Staff Is Hard Enough, Who's Going To Motivate Me?". Your website is filled with interesting posts and pertinent information. Congratulations for all the good work! - Tina Harris Community Outreach Manager Marakana

Ann has created a great tool for professionals to discover how to excel in their professional and personal life. Lots of fabulous awesome information can be found on her site. - Janice Davies

The corporate toolbox is a great way to give you all the tools you need to keep on top of your game - it's a one-stop shop! I am always impressed with Ann's entrepreneurial enthusiasm and ability to get things done and to hold a powerful vision of success where everyone wins. She is a master networker. Ann has brought the best of the best together in The Corporate Toolbox to save you time. This one websites gives you all the resources you need to continue developing you and your team to fulfill your potential for success. - Sally Mabelle

I have just been on your web site and found it very professional: easy to read; chunked; good navigation; links work; not cluttered; and, promotes the business. You have a good number of products and as time goes by will have more, I am sure. As a trainer I have a number of websites that I go to. These have articles, tips and resources (to buy). As such, they are your competitors. How are you going to grab the trainers away from these sites to yours? On the other hand, it is more of a case of attracting them to your site as we generally just trawl through all our favourite sites anyway, especially with the RSS thingy. So, well done, and good luck Ill keep an eye on the site as I have signed up to one of your feeds. - Mark Jennings

I have had the good fortune to use the Corporate Toolbox website. I was able to obtain a lot of good information from the site, some of it free. There was a problem with the pricing of one of the books that I ordered but this was handled really well by Ann Andrews. I found Ann was fabulous to deal with and she resolved my problem both professionally and with the added personal touch. A great site and I wouldnt hesitate to use it again and to recommend it to others. - Cathy Thomson

Ann is a person with a vision and a drive. She is willing to share her insights and is open to suggestions for other people. It was and is a pleasure to work together on the Corporate Toolbox. Recommended! - Jan Vermeiren

Ann, congratulations to you and your website development team for creating such a great-looking and well-functioning site. I am especially grateful for the fast and excellent service I received in getting my products listed. It is a pleasure dealing with such a professional and friendly team! - William Gresse

I'm impressed with the way Ann has become very skilled at helping authors and knowledge merchants develop product beyond books for her website � The Corporate Toolbox. Ann can help an expert develop books, ebooks, blogs, podcasts, vblogs, twitter and so on quickly and easily. She has an in-depth understanding of turning knowledge into product, and turning product into revenue! - Hannah Samuel

The Corporate Toolbox gives lots of really useful training programmes for small businesses. It includes sales, leadership, how to grow your business and a whole load of other ideas. There's lots for any small business owner or manager. - Paul Johnson