Your Business Rules OK



8 Rules for Building Your Remarkable Business

The author suggests that all businesses are unique. Yes, they may follow similar patterns and structures, but they have individual personalities that define them. 

He suggest that, whether you are starting your own business; looking to grow your existing business, or whether you are a CEO, manager, supervisor, an ambitious machine operator, or clerk, this is the book for you. 

Your Business Rules OK is a guide book. 

Each e-book is intended to build on the previous one and help you develop a process of building a successful business, department, division, or territory. 

If you are starting a new business, then work through the chapters in sequence, building your plans and activities as you go. 

If you have an existing business, then whilst the rules still apply, you can compare what you are doing now with these concepts and see how you are doing. You may have some of them covered off and working really well. You may find that some areas need some tweaking. You may also find that some areas need a complete overhaul. 

The author talks and teaches you:

  • The 8 Rules of business
  • The 2 basic underlying principles that all businesses rely on
  • The  5 x P's for success

This e-book is the first in a series of books designed to help any business grow. It is FREE! So you have absolutely nothing to lose by downloading it.This is your opportunity to learn from a Master! A person with 200 years of business background he is willing to share with you. How generous is that?


Your Business Rules OK

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