Written Communication


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Book Eight in Managing Yourself series.

Writing is an art, despite all the rules and you need to know what is right for the situation in order to break the rules.

In this eBook your will learn:

  • The importance of using good English, simple, starightforward words and short, easy to follow sentences.
  • How to choose the method you will use to communicate
  • What is the structure of an effective document
  • How using a "You" approach makes a difference.
  • Why you need to use modern English
  • How to proof read to be readable.

When you write you need to keep your reader in mind. Learning the skills of good writing will help you be a better manager and improve the outcomes from your communications. 

This eBook is a great resource for any manager who needs to get their message across in the written word and to get the reader to read it and to take action.

About the author

Lesley Morrissey is an author, coach, trainer, business consultant and professional speaker. She is passionate about developing people. This book is aimed at helping
you to take small steps to great results!
Lesley has worked in the UK and overseas with a diverse range of nationalities and with managers of many levels of expertise. Without exception, her practical approach to solutions has been received with enthusiasm by trainees and companies with who she consults.

Written Communication

$12.50 USD


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