Workplace of the living dead


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In this collection of humourous essays, the author is focusing on employers and HR folks. The book is not meant to be too serious but the messages are.

The author encourages you to have a laugh but keep your inner ear open for the subtext. (If Shakespeare had a cellphone, he would've sent subtexts.)

He provokes some thought on a range of ways to build your own engagement skills in order to connect with your people's pre- existing inner motivation. That's a whole lot easier than trying to externally motivate unmotivated people. These are the zombies referred to in the book's title.

He stresses that there are no actual zombies in this book. OR, ARE THERE?! (Of course, if there were, you wouldn't see them right behind you until it was TOO LATE!!!!................) 

Just a few of the topics the author covers:

The Future's Most In-Demand Skill Will Be Learning How To Learn

Age Diversity Will Be A Massive Source Of Strength

Never Look At Psychometric Profiles In Isolation

Economic Recessions Will Happen; Plan For Them

Time Is The New Currency


Education Is A Journey

Time Shifting Will Be Even More Prevalent

People With Glass Ceilings Shouldn't Throw Stones Upwards

Attitude? I Think We Have Some In Aisle 9?

Sack The Coach  

A fabulous book for the modern manager.

About the author:

Terry Williams has a  background is in corporate training and people management. Author of ‘THE GUIDE: How to kiss, get a job and other stuff you need to know', that book has been acclaimed as a platform for people to reach the young people in their lives. And he wrote ‘The Brain-Based Boss' all about employee engagement, motivation and how to attract rertuit and retain talent.

As seen on TV1's ‘Good Morning' and TV3's ‘Sunrise', Terry Williams combines comedy with valuable business acumen to be a skilled and knowledgeable trainer, speaker or facilitator. Terry is also a former national league basketball player and a current professional stand-up comedian with his show ‘The Grin Reaper' in the upcoming NZ International Comedy Festival.   

Workplace of the living dead

$10.00 USD