Why People Can't See the Future



Are you a frustrated change leader confounded by people who can't see the future?

Then this is Part 1 of the journey to help you move people to the future.

This paper deals with the first challenge of why people can’t see the future. Learn the three factors:

  1. The LAZY brain
  2. Danger signals
  3. Lack of memory of the future

 How can we help people see the future?

In this section you will learn how to:

  1. Promote the use of “slow thinking”
  2. Use socially based learning
  3. Build semantic memory
  4. Balance danger with appropriate reward

If we are going to move business forward, we need to see the future. We need to help everyone see the future. Watch for the next 2 parts in this series

About the Author

Dr Norman Chorn is a strategist and organisation development practitioner with the BrainLink Group. He uses principles of neuroscience to address the challenges of developing strategy in a complex and certain environment. His particular areas of focus are strategy in conditions of uncertainty; organisational and cultural alignment; and strategic leadership.


Why People Can't See the Future

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