Why Can't My People Be More Strategic?



Is this your frustration with your staff -WHY AREN’T THEY MORE STRATEGIC?

Drs Chorn and Hunter recently established the BrainLink Group to help employers deal with this frustration.

Thier clients feel that their people don’t think strategically or apply enough creativity to recommended solutions. The executives then have to do their staff’s strategic thinking themselves, often delegating less as a result. This can leave them feeling quite resentful as they have less time for their own strategic thinking - all leading to a dangerous situation in rapidly changing environments.

In this paper you will learn the causes of this problem and more importantly three initiatives to change strategic thinking in an organization.

A short but important start for any business owner to get staff to think strategically

About the Authors

Dr Norman Chorn is a strategist and organisation development practitioner with the BrainLink Group. He uses principles of neuroscience to address the challenges of developing strategy in a complex and certain environment. His particular areas of focus are strategy in conditions of uncertainty; organisational and cultural alignment; and strategic leadership.

Dr Terri Hunter is a brain-based organisational psychologist with the BrainLink Group. She is an expert in team development and executive leadership coaching, which she approaches from a neuroscience perspective. Her areas of focus include team effectiveness, leadership development and brain training.


Why Can't My People Be More Strategic?

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