Who Stole My Success?


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Tales to Stop your Success Thieves

Roberta Budveitas is a business mentor. And in this book she compares stories of how businesses - mostly micro businesses - are constantly on the edge of success, yet the goal line just seems to move, so they never quite manage to get over the line.

She uses the story of Ali Baba and The 40 thieves and suggests that it is as if there are forty (or more) thieves out there, taking away the treasures right from under people's noses. Building on the story of the 40 thieves, she explains how some people manage to protect themselves from:

  • The ‘trust' thief
  • The ‘SNIOPS' thief (Subjected to the Negative Influence of Other People's Stupidity)
  • The ‘being right' thief
  • The ‘complacency' thief
  • The ‘petty cash' thief
  • The ‘assumption' thief

The author goes on to introduce the reader to:

  • Angel funding and Crowdsourcing as great ways for budding entrepreneurs to raise capital
  • The power of mastermind groups to keep them on track
  • The destructive power of ‘shoulds', can'ts and don'ts

This is such a wonderful little book; it is a series of ‘chats' the author had with a variety of people who had failed and risen again with greater wisdom and skill in building their business. During those conversations each person shared with the author their own ‘success thieves' and how they overcame them.

I think this will be one of those books that you will keep by you at all times; to dip in and out of every time you vaguely suspect you've been attacked by your own particular ‘success thief'.


Who Stole My Success?

$14.95 USD