Value Creation From Technology Licensing

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In the era of a global world economy, new technology can dramatically improve productivity.

Globalisation And Value CreationIn the era of globalizing world economy, the competitiveness of nations depends crucially on the speed of acquiring, absorbing and effectively utilizing new technology. New technology can dramatically improve productivity.

Training takes time and relationships with the licensor/s can be fraught.  Time is of the essence to capitalize on the competitive advantage, yet productivity gains may be slower than anticipated. 

This e-book is an academic study of the process of technology licensing and integration. The book covers:

  • Choosing the best licensing option
  • The technology transfer process
  • Pricing and negotiation
  • Absorption of the technology into an existing business; adaptation to that company's needs and making the necessary improvements
  • A comparison of acquisition models (Japan, Taiwan and South Korea)
  • Learning communities
  • Case studies - Fuji Xerox and Xerox in Japan. Sony and Hyundai

Not bed-time reading, but if you are interested in global developments and how third world countries became first world countries, then this is a fascinating study.

The author currently works as Adviser in the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India and has been involved in promotion of both corporate innovations and independent innovators. Holding a basic degree in engineering from NIT, Calicut followed by an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur, Rao is one of the few policy makers in India, with vision and depth.

As visiting faculty, he has been actively promoting education in the Management of Technology.  Rao is a course writer and pioneer author of two books, "Management of Technology Change" & "Management of Corporate R&D and Innovation"

He is also the Founder President of Indian Innovators Association ( an affiliate of IIFA (the International Federation of Inventors' Associations), a not-for-profit social network mentoring innovators.


Value Creation From Technology Licensing

$17.50 USD