Turning Ordinary Groups into Extra-Ordinary Teams


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How to get the best out of your people in difficult times.

We are living in the most challenging times since The Great Depression. The worst thing any business owner or manager can do, is to panic - the best thing they can do is to look for the waste in their team or department, which usually falls in three places:

  • Waste of people
  • Waste in systems and processes
  • Waste of resources - time and dollar

And the best way to find the waste is to involve your people.
To help the reader do this, the e-book will cover:

  • A team survey
  • Finding the waste
  • Creating efficiencies and effectiveness
  • The power of clearly defined goals
  • How to give and receive feedback so everyone knows where they stand
  • How to run powerful meetings so people leave feeling energized and motivated
  • How to develop trust and accountability within your team

 If you implement just one idea from this book your bottom line results will improve immediately!


Turning Ordinary Groups into Extra-Ordinary Teams

$18.00 USD