Turn Your Passion into Profit


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Carole spiers suggests that your attitude can ensure that you will succeed!

Even clicking on the title of this book and reading far, says a tremendous amount about you.

The author suggests that by reading this review of the book, 'you will already have reviewed your life and found aspects of it you want to improve. It says you've identified an opportunity and you're thinking very seriously about taking it on to the next stage. It says you've decided you really want to make a difference.'


She suggests that you ‘take a step back for a moment and think about the impact that one simple decision has had upon you. Think about how you felt before you made it. Think about how you feel after you've made that decision. And most importantly, think about how you felt at the precise moment when you decided to do something new - your ‘Eureka' moment!'

In all of our lives, there will be times when the going will get tough; times when you'll question yourself and times when people will try to stand in your way.

How each of us deals with these situations will determine our eventual success.

Every living being possesses the keys for success. Some people use them others don't and eternally regret that.

If you are still with us - then it suggests that you have the courage to take the next step; to turn your passion into something worthwhile. This book will help you.

You will discover:

  • The ONLY obstacle to your success
  • How to unlock your hidden potential
  • Insider ideas to market yourself and your business
  • How to transform your thoughts into the written word and how to turn written materials into products that sell
  • How to write articles, reports and books really quickly
  • How to swork with the media
  • How to present to potential customers
  • How to venture into the world of public speaking
  • The ‘Do's' of achieving sustainable success

No-one ever said success was easy. The beauty of books like this is they give you the blueprint to not only get started, but to keep going when the road gets tough. And for everyone, now and again that road does get tough.

About the author:

The Empowerment Expert, they call her. Or the Speaker who's more than just ‘talk'. An energetic and charismatic platform performer, Carole Spiers has proved herself as a BBC Guest-Broadcaster and as a journalist and trainer all over the world during her influential 20 year career.

Carole occupies a special niche as a motivational and inspirational professional, speaker who brings together the separate cultures of personal empowerment and executive management - proving to corporate business that empowered employees help improve performance and increase profitability.

She doesn't just talk ‘success', she lives it!


Turn Your Passion into Profit

$60.00 USD