Truth and Lies


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What Everyone Needs To Know About Making Money Online (now in Reader format and translated into Simple Chinese)

Truth and Lies:  What everyone needs to know about making money online is the ultimate A-Z of getting started online; of getting past all the hype that is peddled about being able to make a fortune online overnight with no investment of time or money.

Both authors have built successful websites. Ann Andrews has built The Corporate Toolbox and Grant Shields has built Grabatrainingseat. They both chose completely different processes to do so.

Ann acknowledged that she wasn’t a technology person and so brings in the expertise she needs while Grant built his site himself. Both acknowledge there is no one way to do this ‘online’ thing. However both also acknowledge that being ‘online’ is a way to get off the hours-for-dollars treadmill and turn knowledge into passive income.

Ann covers:

  • How to start a database; grow a database and leverage a database
  • 15 tips for turning knowledge into a million dollar revenue stream
  • The power of FREE
  • How to write an and how to leverage an
  • How one man earns US$20,000 per month for putting everything he does online for FREE

Grant covers:

  • The 10 basic steps to building a website yourself
  • A comprehensive list of sites to visit and study
  • All the sites you can access to build your website almost for FREE

If you are an absolute beginner in the ‘web’ world yet realize that you need to leverage your business income, then this book will set you off on the right track and save you thousands of dollars so you don’t have to make the mistakes the authors made.

Testimonials for 'Truth and Lies E-book'

I have started reading your book, "e book truth and lies". So far I really like the tone in it. And that´s critical for me because it takes me more time to read a secondary language. Gratefulness and kind regards, Elinor Palm.

Wow! This book tells you all those fabulous tools and tricks that other people charge a fortune to teach you. As a small business owner, it's essential to be able to do a lot of these activities yourself to save money, but time is also precious. These shortcuts are invaluable, and have enabled me to start building my e-commerce business with the minimum of effort. Am very excited about using many more of Ann's and Grant's ideas in 2011 - I just hope my competition don't get their hands on this book! - Fiona White - Conflict Coach & Mediator, Mediation Matters.

Truth and Lies is written by experienced people who know how to make money on-line. They have experienced the good and the bad and the just plain doesn't work.

This book is practical, useful and I will be checking my websites against the information given in this book. Useful, interesting, easy to read and so PRACTICAL - Roberta Budvietas, BBS, CAE, BSE.

Truth and Lies

$17.00 USD


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