Trend Spotting Exercise



2 Free Books to Hel you become:

  1. An INSTANT TREND EXPERT: Everything you need to persuade colleagues and clients of the power of consumer trends.
  2. Create a CONSUMER TREND CANVAS: Understand and apply any consumer trend. Today.

In BECOME AN INSTANT TREND EXPERT, you will see 10 critical trend questions and their answers. Questions like

  • what is a consumer trend?
  • So trends are market research? Then where are the stats?!
  • How do I know if a trend applies to my target demographic?

If you have any contact with consumers, trends  then this book can be your (not so) secret weapon.

The CONSUMER TREND CANVAS is an easy-to-follow framework that will help you not only unpack and  understand any consumer trend, but also help you apply it to launch successful consumer-facing innovations of your own.

The CONSUMER TREND CANVAS is just a tool. It’s only as useful as you make it. Download a printable blank canvas, grab a trend, and start filling it in. Or even better, schedule a session with your team or a client and see what you come up with.

Trend watching is about coming up with (and launching) exciting new products and services for your customers, nothing more and nothing less. It shouldn’t be scary, or boring (if it is, you’re doing it wrong. ;)

Billions of consumers crave brands, products and services that make life more exciting, more efficient, more sustainable, and simply better than it currently is. And there is also a relentless, global horde of smart brands and entrepreneurs striving to meet these cravings.

Will it be you that delivers, or someone else? Find out more today by downloading these files.

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Trend Spotting Exercise

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