Train Your Brain To Win The Game: Any Game You Want!


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How to overcome fear and self-doubt.

Bruce King is recognised internationally as one of the world's top speakers and coaches on increasing sales and personal growth strategies and in this fifty-two page Ebook, Bruce takes you through the detailed application of the process he has taught tens of thousands of people around the world to achieve extraordinary success in any area of their business and lives.

Bruce starts by telling the reader about his original career as a complimentary medical therapist and how he used the simple, yet extraordinary process he calls the GAVA process as an adjunct to other medical treatments to help people to heal themselves of a variety of medical problems.

He explains how, after a change of career and a move into sales, he used  The GAVA Process, to become one of the UK's top salespeople and then, after a disastrous business decision, he used the GAVA process and went from the verge of bankruptcy to become an international best-selling author and conference speaker in a matter of just a few months. He then shows you how you too can use these same techniques to very quickly achieve whatever success you want in your career and all other aspects of your life. Here is what you'll learn:

  • How The Human Brain Works The principles of the GAVA Process and why it works so wellWhat's Your Game? How to set extraordinary goals and achieve them - The 'G' In The GAVA ProcessTM
  • Affirmations - The First 'A' in The GAVA ProcessTM - How to create a Power Affirmation and use it to Train Your Grain To Win The Game!
  • Visualization - The 'V' In The GAVA ProcessTM. How to use visualization techniques to achieve your goals.
  • Getting into Action - The Last 'A' In The Gava ProcessTM

You'll learn several other personal development and personal growth techniques and carry out a variety of written and other practical exercises to enable you to overcome the typical barriers to success that hold most people back from achieving anything they want in life.

This e-book by Bruce King really can enable you to achieve anything and everything you want in life!

Train Your Brain To Win The Game: Any Game You Want!

$21.99 USD