Tough $ales Tough Environment


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How To Make Great Sales No Matter What The Business Climate

How is it that some people are able to sell no matter how bad the economy is, yet others barely make the grade even in the good times? The bad news is, that if you are in any form of business, whether you realize it or not, you are in ‘sales'; the good news is, that if you do not consider yourself a good salesperson, this book will change your thinking, your sales strategies and your bottom line results.

The author acknowledges that sales today are a lot tougher to make than they have been in previous years - customers are far more discerning and knowledgeable, the markets have a lot more players and many thousands of products to choose from and your competition's salespeople will be as skilled as or possibly more skilled than you or your staff.

The first thing you will encounter when you read this book is, what the author calls, a ‘Toughness Survey'....a set of 20 questions he asks you to answer honestly, so that you know your own ‘sales' starting point. If you have a sales team, then he suggests you get every one of your team to take the test. It may enlighten you and them as to why some people are selling and others are not.

The author discusses the key talents or strengths a good sales person needs:

  • Discipline - sticking to your goals and targets no matter what
  • Planning your work and working your plan
  • Time-keeping - never, ever being late for a customer appointment
  • Presentation skills - whether that means you present to one person or a small group - get good at presenting
  • The need to prospect and get referrals
  • The ‘Bendon' motto
  • Understanding the numbers - the cost of the sale and what and where you can discount

This is a great sales book - full of practical how-to tips - the author simplifies the sales process so that anyone new to sales will get a great process, anyone who has been in sales for a while will get a reminder of doing the basics well and often.

Tough $ales Tough Environment

$8.00 USD