Total Sales Control



The Fastest Way to Secure High Paying Clients

In this ebook, John Blake will teach you how to reduce 90% of your workload and increase your bottom line by using "The Total Sales Control Method".

Learn the 5 Total Sales Control Points:

  • TARGET CONTROL – Your first step to success
  • MESSAGE CONTROL – Attracting the attention of the right people
  • INFORMATION CONTROL – Showing the world what you have got
  • VALUE CONTROL – Uncovering the big opportunities
  • TESTIMONIAL CONTROL – Your social proof

Each point has an exercise for you to learn the process and when you finish this book you will have the tool you need to reduce your workload and increase your sales. Truly an ebook about working smarter and making more money.

About the Author

At age 23, as national sales and marketing manager of Arnette sunglasses Australiasia, and in just three years John grew Arnette's sales from a modest $750,000 per year to a huge $6 million in turnover.

In his fashion wholesale business, in 9 short years, John single handedly tripled sales in every brand he represented, selling over $34.3 million dollars worth of apparel, sunglasses, accessories and footwear.

In 2004, John founded Blue Rocket Sales Breakthrough Solutions with fellow Water Polo teammate Leigh Farnell.

Since then John has helped hundreds of sales people and companies selling business to business and retail to smash sales records and achieve quantum breakthroughs in service, strategic planning and business development.

Some of these companies include Electric Sunglasses Australia and USA, Rip Curl, Volcom, Rusty, Oakley south Pacific, The West Australian, CINEads, Lincoln Electric Welding Equipment, Morrison Media and Stocker Preston Real Estate just to name a few.

John is intensely passionate about helping salespeople avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls in today's business to business sales environment. John's clients typically experience a faster sales cycle and boosted confidence in sales teams using proven formulas that create predictable, sustained increases in sales revenue.

Total Sales Control

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