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Whilst sitting in an airport after a long day with clients, the author realised he was running himself ragged trying to look after them yet not seeing the returns he  wanted. He made a list of all his clients and realised that the whole bottom half of that list was only contributing to 11% of the income generated from all the clients on that list. It dawned on him that he could have done half the work, less than half the travel, less than half the time away from home with very little difference to the bottom line.

He spent the rest of that journey home challenging that list even more and worked out a way in which I could work with 90% fewer clients and be able to deliver five times the amount of business to each of those clients at the top of my list.

The author asks some questions:

  • Do you want to change the way you work?
  • Do you want to reduce your hours and at the same time increase your revenue?
  • Are you at the point of having 'tried everything' and yet not seeing the results that you dream of?
  • Are you maintaing a big list of clients who you do a lot of work for and yet only see a small return from each of them?
  • Would you like to be able to see fewer clients, offer them a better product or service and create a lasting, profitable relationship with them?

His TOTAL SALES CONTROL method is not about traditional lead generation or cold calling. Neither is it about internet marketing, FaceBook promotion or pay per click advertising on your website.

What the book IS about is how to streamline the early pivotal relationship building process with the businesses and people you would most like to be working with. It is also a respnsive way of dealing with a rapidly changing marketplace.

The 5 basic steps are:

TARGET CONTROL - Your first step to success

MESSAGE CONTROL - Attracting the attention of the right people

INFORMATION CONTROL - Showing the world what you have got

VALUE CONTROL - Uncovering the big opportunities

TESTIMONIAL CONTROL - Your social proof

By using these 5 steps over 30 days he increased his average transaction size from $7 500 to $30 000 and the average transaction was increased even further to $50,000 in just 6 months with no change to the content he had been delivering to the clients with an average transaction size of $7 500!!

If you are in a sales role, and who isn't, then taking a few minutes out of your busy day to read these steps could massively change the results YOU get for all your efforts.

About the author:

John Blake has more than 20 years of experience working in sales, leading sales management Teams. He has run several successful companies. Along the way he learned so much not only about business but leadership and training too he wanted to distilled all his  successes and mistakes into a high quality training program helping people  achieve their dreams.



Total Sales Control

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