Top Up Your Toolbox


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Another 12 exciting problem solving techniques to add to your business toolbox.

Derek Cheshire obtained an MBA from the Open University Business School (UK) and immediately understood the impact of a session on Creativity, Innovation and Change.

Derek is now a member of the Mastermind Group for Design Interaction Course at the Royal College of Art and Design in the Hague.

This is the second e-book in a series of four.  Derek shares 12 advanced techniques for Creative Problem Solving; each technique tells you not only how to use it, but also the phases of the problem solving process of the technique that is best used.

A small example:

NOT-ing - one component is how to develop (not replace, alter, reduce...)

  • 5 x Ws and 1 x H
  • Multiple redefinition
  • List and twist

And many more new and exciting tools you can use to shatter once and for all the thinking -  "we've always done it this way".


Top Up Your Toolbox

$7.50 USD