Tips from the Trenches Vol:3



A collection of business articles written by people deep in the trenches of running small businesses in a global economy.

If you are a person who never finishes a business book yet need to keep up with what's happening out in the big wide business world, then Tips from the Trenches will delight you. It is a series of articles on all things business and can be picked up and put down without guilt; you can read what you want, when you want it and in the time space you have available......I find these types of books great when I'm having a morning coffee - just by reading a couple of articles, I find I get re-energised.

So what does Marc cover in this third volume? In chapter 1 you will read about:

  • The man who destroyed his multimillion dollar company in 10 seconds
  • 4 Important Leadership Lessons for Entrepreneurs ....................................... 
  • How Entrepreneurs Benefit by Planning Daily
  • The 50+ Age Group Workers and why they are vital to any Business

Chapter 2 covers:

  • Why Self-Help Books Only Help Your Shelf
  • Life coaches - do they help or hinder? 
  • The Secret" of Business Success
  • Is Stinking Thinking Impacting Your Bottom Line?

Chapter 3 walks us through Management:

  • Top 10 Tips for Authentic Networking
  • A Dummies Guide to SEO 
  • Why Leaders are Proactive, not Reactive 
  • Five Ways to Effectively Build Teamwork
  • 7 Insights into Employee Engagement.

Chapter 4 concentrates on Innovation:

  • Starting a business but don't know what to sell?
  • When To Implement Trending Technology? 
  • Great Idea: A projection of a image over the table
  • Cooperating with the Cloud; The Basics of What to Know

Chapter 5 shares stories about Sales:

  • How to increase your sales by up to 367%
  • How 211 Degree Relationships Can Be Your Latent Key to Success 
  • Sometimes bankruptcy can have a happy ending
  • 5 ways to get more cash in your bank account - fast

Chapter 6 will help you better understand Marketing:

  • How to Discover your Personal Brand
  • A Focus on Finding Customers Online Doesn't Work
  • Why you should always release your product before it is ready 
  • The 3 R's of Marketing

And chapter 7 will demystify Social Media:

  • How to Improve Your Website Writing
  • What is your Klout score? 
  • Business Credibility Is Different From Social Trust & Friendship 
  • Writing Blogs - Make them Scannable

This e-book is a treasure trove of tips and ideas for doing business in a world of global stresses and competition. And it is FREE!!

Tips from the Trenches Vol:3

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