Tips for success from A-Z



What better way to share with you what this amazing e-book is all about but to share with you one of the ‘A’s:

 Action. .  (Do It Now)  

 If you’re putting off something you’ve been meaning to do, What are you waiting for? 

 Always wanted to play the piano?           Start taking lessons.                       

Dreamt about visiting India?                   Call a travel agent.       

Hate your bathroom wallpaper?              Scrape it off and redecorate.                           

Feel you would benefit from exercise?     Start jogging.                     

 R U Angry about the potholes in your street?  Contact the local council                          

Love the taste of home-grown tomatoes?  Why not plant your own.

 This is one of those resources where every day you could dip into just ONE thought and be uplifted.

 About the author:

Alan Searing  was born 1943 lives in Hertfordshire in UK. From the age of 20, Alan has always been self-employed. He has  run his own businesses in various sectors, although primarily in retail. 

Alan has a passionate interest personal development and has authored numerous books and e-books.

Tips for success from A-Z

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