The Wisdom of the Customer Service Revolution


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49 Thoughts and Ideas to Improve Your Customer Service

During a recessional period it becomes very important, if not vital, to retain Customers.  In a downturn, customers can be more demanding as they raise their expectations on value and service.

Are your staff geared to give excellent customer service?

This e-book is the result of numerous articles and a newsletter called ‘The Customer Service Revolution'. It is packed with ideas, tips and quotes. It is colourful, picturesque, humourous and would make an excellent gift for all your staff as a reminder of what is important to you and your customers.

The author begins the book with an important question - What is your company image?

Throughout the book he then offers amazing thoughts, tasks and learnings:

A Thought: Thoughts on communication and the 6 rules of Dale Carnegie

Attitude: Attitude is your mental position with regard to facts or more simply, the way you view things. If you don't believe your staff have the right attitude, run these 5 thoughts past them!

A Task: Creating a great customer experience. Ask your team members what Customers have asked them to do but that they don't have the authority to carry out. Discuss and determine what will be best practice before giving team members permission to judge solutions.

People: Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds once said: "Numbers are impressive, systems are important, slogans are moving, but people make things happen.'

This is one of those books that is best described as a little gem. It is packed with amazing thoughts and quotes. It is the kind of useful tool which could be used at meetings - every meeting you could simply take one page and discuss the ideas. A treasure.

The Wisdom of the Customer Service Revolution

$29.97 USD