The Trend to Blend


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The 5 Star Approach to Blended Learning

Blended learning refers to a mix of different types of training, such as e-learning, workshops, workbooks and coaching, both online and offline.

Combining all these different methods of training delivery can save organizations a small fortune in travel and attendance costs. Advances in technology now allows organizations to deliver training in many different ways and in many different time zones for a fraction of the cost.

This very timely e-book acknowledges that because this type of online training is still fairly new, care must be taken to ensure that learning actually takes place and transfers into day to day results.

The author warns that blended learning is not a one size fits all panacea for solving the cost of training. Just mixing together a variety of different training methods won't necessarily result in meeting the learning objectives unless the mix of learning is identified and delivered in the right order at the right time.

The mix might be quite simple, where the trainee follows a programme of training, in a specified order. Alternatively it may provide options to complete different elements of training in parallel, or even, allow the user to choose the order of training depending on their current knowledge and skills. As well as identifying the different elements, it is the job of the successful designer to identify whether the blend should be serial or parallel and what level of trainee choice is allowed.

As with all learning development prospects, a clear business case for training must exist, including identification of business measures and success factors as well as a calculation of all anticipated savings and costs in order to identify the expected Return on Investment.

The book covers in detail, the advantages and disadvantages of blended learning, it also includes a very comprehensive questionnaire covering the organizational training needs and the best method of delivery from the organization perspective, but also covers what will work best for the trainees, and in particular, the need for evaluations along the way.

If you as a business are finding the cost of training overwhelming, rather than not train your staff, consider the advantages to your growth and your people, of investigating the advantages of implementing a blended learning protocol into your company.

If you are a business who is already involved in blended learning and you are not getting the results you anticipated, this book will be a great way of evaluating where your learning processes can be improved.


The Trend to Blend

$29.97 USD