The Team Games Toolkit


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How many managers does it take to change a lightbulb?

As we are coming up to the ‘silly' season, I thought I would package together some of my team games for you to use at your Christmas party/offsite.  For those who don't celebrate Christmas, these are all games you can use any time; to energise your meetings; as an after lunch conference session and even with your families over the holiday period. Families LOVE games and these games are all suitable for people of any age.

Normally US$10 each, I've put 5 games together to create one of our very popular US$25 bundles. The games are:

  • The shape of things to come (an hilarious icebreaker)
  • My 3 favourite animals (another great icebreaker)
  • The qualities of a high performing team (quick way to energise people before they hit the Christmas rush)
  • Daylight Robbery (a game that tests observation skills)
  • The Gin Genie (a goal setting game - ideal to get people thinking about 2014)

It's been a tough year for sure so hopefully these games will lighten the load; help your staff chill out and have a laugh and/or get your families to turn off the TV and get round the dining room table for some great family fun. 

And the answer to ‘How many managers does it take to change a lightbulb?'

Answer: Three. Two managers to decide if t actually needs changing and one to tell an employee to change it!

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The Team Games Toolkit

$25.00 USD