The S-Factor: A Coaching Handbook


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Sometimes we are put in the position of coaching a new employee when no-one has ever 'coached' us.
So we are left wondering 'how do I do this and not make a mess of it?'

If that is your position, then this e-book/training guide is very timely.

The author - Alison Haill is an accomplished trainer as well as an executive and corporate coach. She has created this e-book for people who have never coached before, but also for people in a coaching role already who simply want to get better at this skill.

She acknowledges that there are many definitions of the word 'coach' and the process of 'coaching' and has dedicated this book to coaching in the workplace. She believes that increasingly, coaching is a key leadership and development skill.

This book covers:

* What coaching IS and what it ISN'T
* the S-Factor of coaching
* The key principles of coaching
* Identifying limiting language
* Coaching in management and how to continue professional development
The need to keep records

The book also contains documentation, contracts and agreements plus a checklist of coaching 'tools' and 25 photocopiable worksheets.

So then, this is a toolkit which will suit an absolute novice coach and a more seasoned coach, because no matter how long we have been using any skill, we can always improve.

About the author:

Alison Haill has a strong track revord of working with leaders at all levels of organisation and across many sectors. She has 'coached' people in the engineering section and in education. The oil industry and advertising.

She has been a motivational trainer for over 20 years and is an inspiring coach for corporate clients and organisations of all shapes and sizes

The S-Factor: A Coaching Handbook

$31.00 USD