The Role Play Toolkit


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The Role Play Toolkit makes it easy for the trainer to produce practical role plays in their training, encouraging delegates to practice ‘real life' situations and receive feedback from their colleagues.

The toolkit is supplied electronically to allow you to use the role play templates as stand-alone or perhaps amend to further suit your behavioural situations. The toolkit will save you hours of design time, and help your training ‘come to life'.

"What excellent materials! The role play scenarios are succinct, yet have enough information. The situations are typical of those that would arise in a working environment".

What does the toolkit cover:

  • The 106-page Role Play Toolkit consists of 35 separate role plays in 8 topic areas.
  • Each role play consists of a ‘main role player' brief (e.g. Coach; Appraiser; Disciplining Manager) and ‘opposite part' brief (e.g. Coachee; Appraisee).
  • 1 or 2-page Observer's Checklists are provided for each topic area, so that delegates/ Trainers observing the role plays have the framework to give detailed feedback to colleagues on strengths and development areas.
  • Role plays are built around a range of departments including Finance, Despatch, Customer Services, Warehouse, Sales, Telesales, Administration, Marketing, I.T. and Reception. The role plays assist in developing both management and non-management staff.
  • The toolkit also features 4 easy-to-set-up team building exercises, with Observer recording/ analysis templates.

The Role Play Toolkit contains:

1. Role plays around:

  • Appraisals (4 role plays)
  • Assertiveness (3)
  • Influencing (5 role plays with Influencers being managers; 3 with staff members as Influencers)
  • Team working (4 activities)
  • Managing performance (5)
  • Disciplinary (5)
  • Coaching (5)
  • Irate people (5)

2. Set-up information and Observer Checklists covering:

  • Instructional techniques
  • Recruitment Interviewing

3. Tips and tactics around the organisation and delivery of role plays in a training setting:

  • Guidelines for Observers


The toolkit is supplied in MS Word for multiple copying rights and permission to amend materials.

The Role Play Toolkit

$187.00 USD