The Recruitment Training Booklet


$100.00 USD

Recruitment training will teach your staff how to recruit effectively.

This comprehensive training manual is designed for training managers, HR managers but will equally be of value to departmental managers and owners of their own business who want to step back from the day to day and hand over recruitment to a key member of their staff.

The aim of this manual is to teach your staff how to recruit effectively.  It works particularly well if used in conjunction with The Ultimate Recruitment Manual, but it can be used as a stand alone document, and once again, is easily customized.

The training booklet helps the facilitator of the session to take a group of trainees through:

  • Why quality selection is important
  • Knowing what the existing company policies and procedures are for the recruitment process
  • The 6 phases of an interview
  • An exercise is changing closed questions to open questions
  • An exercise in questions that can be asked and questions that are illegal or inappropriate
  • Interviewing skills practice (a one-hour interactive role play)  
  • Inducting a new team member and why that is important

Because the interview/recruitment process is so fraught with danger, particularly if people are not trained in how to conduct an interview, this is a great way for people to understand the process and practice in a non-threatening environment before they have to do the real thing.

Coral Jonesse has enjoyed a progressive career in human resources, general management, operations management and executive least. Now living in Tonga, Coral is a world expert in recruitment processes.

THIS TRAINING MANUAL COMES ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE IF YOU PURCHASE The Ultimate Recruitment Manual and The Recruitment Policy and Procedure Manual.  Click here for details.


The Recruitment Training Booklet

$100.00 USD