The Power of Giving



The Power of Giving is designed to provide information and motivation to readers. The premise that each author believes and shares is that The Secret to Success is to Give MORE.

The force of life is stated in one word: “Giving.” An ancient text reads, “Give and it shall be given to you; pressed down, good measure, shaken together and running over shall mankind give into your life.” We must learn the process of creation is to plant a seed. Then and only then can we expect a harvest. The great and legendary Zig Ziglar, who enriched the world with his wisdom, said it best, “You can have everything you want when you help enough people get what they want.”

The authors and the chapters they share are listed here:

  • The 4 Gs: Brett Labit
  • The Simple Gift of Recognition: Tom Ward
  • When Giving a Little Isn’t Enough: Janis Johnson
  • Creators Transform the World Through Giving: Ron Williams and Jason Irvine 
  • Ribbons and Bows: Victoria Bowmann
  • Six Giving Stories: Marlon McKinney 
  • The Foundational Principles to Giving: Bob McLellan 
  • The Secret to Success is to Give More H.U.G.S.: Maxine McLellan 
  • The Most Countering and Commanding Essence of All: Eileen M. Fitzpatrick 
  • The Power of Giving or Receiving? Marina de Haan 
  • RED is the Color of Giving: Cynthia Collie 
  • Giving from the Heart: A Personal Journey: Marianne Schenone 
  • Give Yourself the Gift of Health: Leon Koenck 
  • How Do I Give to Thee? Let Me Count the Ways: Trish Devitt 
  • Acknowledgement and Receiving Recognition: Robert Oosthout 
  • Giving is an Advanced Technology: Elena Berman 
  • Giving is Good Business: Robert Blankenberg

The Power of Giving shows you just how incredible life can be when you give. Retrain your brain today and go through the process of discovering a higher frequency of love. This book can teach your children, friends, and family to find love and appreciation through the act of giving, but more so, the act can create a power that will certainly increase one’s positive attitude and energy. By practicing the principles of giving back as represented in this book, you are also sure to increase your likelihood of successful living!

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The Power of Giving

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