The New Economy of Buyers

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Why Traditional Consultative Selling Methods No Longer Work

  • Are your sales people flogging the same old dead horse?
  • Do you want to know why traditional and consultative selling methods are no longer working?
  • Do you also want to know why sales people are out of control of the sale?

If you have a sales team they will be costing you a large chunk of money in salaries and bonuses and possibly even company cars. Are you getting a good return on that investment?

Buyers are a whole lot more savvy than ever. The economic climate is making people take stock of their ‘spend' and most sales people are struggling in this environment.

In this Whitepaper you will learn about the needs of the new economy of buyers. You will find out how the "buyer focused" Velocity SellingTM works.

Buyers are totally up with the play on the tips, tricks and techniques sales people use; they may even be better informed than many of the sales people and as a result, the bottom line sales needed for you to succeed in business is now under threat.

Buyers are smarter than the sales people.

The author - Bob Urichuck will show you how the sales process has to be transformed into a no pressure exchange where "getting to the truth" is the goal instead of "getting to the sale".

Find out about the 4 Universal needs of buyers and how by using the "Buyer Focused" VelocityTM Selling System you can increase your sales.

And then you can learn more, earn more and build a more successful business.

Download this information today if you are struggling with your sales efforts or just know that buyer's have changed and you want to know what you can do to be more effective.

The New Economy of Buyers

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