The Little Book of Mentoring



According to the author ‘Mentoring is a relationship in which a person with knowledge, skills and experience helps to guide another using that knowledge, those skills or that experience.

Mentoring is about an ongoing relationship of learning, of challenge, of conversation and of shared experience.'

Increasingly small business owners are recognising that they cannot build a succesful business by relying simply on their own skills and knowledge. It takes courage to acknowledge that we need help, and the sooner we realise that, the more successful our business will be.

If you are considering taking on a mentor, William Buist gives you a template for finding the right person:


  •  The 4 key questions to ask a prospective mentor
  •  The benefits of having a mentor to the mentee
  •  Expectations of both parties in the relationship
  •  What the mentor should ask the mentee


The author talks about the 4 stages of the relationship:


  • Asking the questions
  • Challenging the mentee
  • Understanding their needs
  • Elevating the relationship. Their questioning, understanding, and insight, should allow your company to flourish and your business development skills to further grow your business and your progress as a leader


The author goes on to explain the differences between mentoring, consulting and coaching. And where each role fits.

If you are considering a mentor, this is a great little business process to help you prepare. 

About the author

Business consultant, mentor and writer, William Buist is a recognised expert in collaboration for business. Driven by a strong commitment to see businesses reach their full potential, he is known for offering new perspectives that transform great ideas into successful and profitable businesses.

 Using his extensive experience of working with teams and his knowledge of effective business models he helps to bring out the best in people, giving them a clear understanding of how they can achieve their goals.


The Little Book of Mentoring

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