The Little Book of Inspiration


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Finding motivation in the 21st century

As people, our power to learn and grow is among the biggest qualities we have.

Frequently, however, we let limiting beliefs hold us back; we think that the judgments of other people are true and live our lives accordingly.

The sad thing is, many individuals who are willing to put us down, the ones that can make us worry or question ourselves, never really make anything of their own journeys.

So rather than looking at anybody and everybody to teach you about life, it may be better to look towards individuals that have really made a difference of their own.

This book covers 10 chapters and highlights 10 amazing people. People who have achieved extra-ordinary things. Each chapter ends with an affirmation.

Affirmations are not to everybody's taste, so if you don't like repeating affirmations, use them instead as a focus for meditation.

Hopefully some of them will have meaning for you and from this day on their messages will supply mighty reminders of the faith, humanity and peace the following 10 people found in their lives, that you can find in yours also:

Chapter 1: Nelson Mandela - Courage
Chapter 2: Russell Simmons - A Visionary
Chapter 3: Warren Buffett - Growing For Success
Chapter 4: Princess Diana - Kindness
Chapter 5: Mahatma Gandhi - Following Through
Chapter 6: Mother Teresa - Humility
Chapter 7: Martin Luther King - the Good of Others
Chapter 8: Buddha - Inspiring People
Chapter 9: Winston Churchill - Enjoying Life
Chapter 10: Richard Branson - Reaching for Opportunity

There are some books that change lives; this is one of them. If you are feeling a bit lost in the midst of all the doom and gloom surrounding the world at the moment, then I would suggest printing this book off and keeping it close by.

The Little Book of Inspiration

$17.00 USD