The Key to Productivity


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A step by step guide to improve workplace energy and results.

This book has been written specifically to help businesses lift their productivity through their people.

These enterprises can be any size, they could be not-for-profit organisations and even government departments. In fact, any business that employs people really.

The great news is that it is possible to lift productivity without a large investment in capital expenditure or new machinery or the introduction of more complex systems.

This book will give you a step-by-step process to follow so that your workplace productivity can and will steadily grow. It has been designed as a "how-to-do-book" as well as a "what-to-do-book."

It is clear that to achieve behavioral change in the workplace so that productivity levels are lifted, it must be done with the full co-operation of the staff.

Often, the installation of change is carried out in the face of very stiff resistance. The outcomes are minimal. In order to get past resistance, we will need to change our style of management and leadership to one that nurtures and explains the need for change rather than prescribing or imposing it.

This ebook looks at:

  • The basis of productivity improvement and understanding it
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Your productivity
  • Barriers to workplace productivity
  • 12 Common symptoms of productivity problems
  • Planning your strategy and tactics
  • Evaluate your leadership resources and capabilities
  • Keys to improving productivity

Peter Mitchell tells you HOW to improve your productivity in the book and gives you practical tips and hints to make a significant difference for your business by working with your people to improve the business.

If your business needs more productivity, then you need this ebook today.

The Key to Productivity

$27.00 USD