The Heart of Public Speaking


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Mind Map your way into the head, the heart and the humor behind Public Speaking

Public Speaking is more than standing up and speaking engagingly to a large number of people. It is about continuing the buildup of collective knowledge. It is about ripping open your psyche and finding out what makes you worth anything, and it is about tearing down beliefs and then building new ones.

In this book you learn creative strategies and techniques on:


  • how to choose the substance, 
  • build the structure and 
  • employ the style that'll help you rip open your heart and delightfully add value to the lives of your audiences.


Use the technology of Mind Mapping to research, plan, prepare, write, practice and deliver your speeches without using notes.

As the author says, I you would like to:


  • Reach in and get the best out of yourself
  • Dig deep and discover the value of your content
  • Build instant and strong rapport with all audiences
  • Speak through the gut and stay on a personal high
  • Leave your audiences educater, empowered and rolling in the aisles with laughter

Then this book is for YOU!


Raju Mandhyan's background in investment sales, international trade, and engineering has equipped him with diverse corporate perspectives. Business development projects in various countries and frequent, extensive travels have ignited those perspectives with relevant cultural definitions. He has coached executives, trained managers, facilitated forums, and delivered keynote presentations in the areas of sales, innovation, business strategy, diversity, and authentic leadership. -

This book is for those whose "heart is filled with an abundance of things to say to the world"

About the Author

Raju Mandhyan  is an author, Life-Coach Professional Trainer and Kenote Speaker. Businesses, teams, and individuals have benefitted for over twelve years now from change consultancy, capability enhancement, and coaching services provided by his organisation - Inner Sun.

Raju writes books on business, leadership, and engagement.  He draws from modalities of Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as partnering up with supporting consultants and organizations across the globe.

The Heart of Public Speaking

$2.95 USD