The Future is Coming Ready or Not



A questionnaire to find out your online readiness

We hear that 60-80% of people now Google any product or service they are looking for before they buy. If your business does not have a web presence; and it is staggering how many do NOT have a web presence, then you are risking massive potential customer loss.

Particularly if your direct competitors do have a web presence and do market online.

Help is at hand.

Check out this very short questionnaire to find out how web ready (or not) your business is, and by looking at your results, you will know exactly what you need to do next to become web ready.                                                               

About the Author:

Ann Andrews CSP knew that she was a technology luddite. She barely used a cellphone and had no idea how to program a video. But she knew that to protect her business going forward, she had to overcome her technology fears and phobias and get her business online.

She now runs The Corporate Toolbox; an online training company where she sells to 46 different countries – and 3 years ago her site didn’t exist.

If she can do it so can you

The Future is Coming Ready or Not

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