The Essential Guide to Successful Meetings

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How to never have a boring meeting ever again

This gorgeously entertaining and colourful little e-book contains everything you need to know about running great meetings.

We've all attended meetings I'm sure where someone drones on and on; where someone wants to get down to the minutest detail, and where someone wants to go off at tangents. The result being that we all leave thinking what a waste of time that was!

Well this little book is about to change all that. Find out:

  • The 5 x W's and the 1 x O of running meetings
  • How to set agendas and stick to them
  • How to run Green Hat meetings (idea generation)
  • How to run Red Hat/Blue Hat (analysis and decision making)

And even - how to manage as a team outside of the meetings.

If you fear that the meetings you run are dull and boring; or if you are forced to attend meetings that are dull and boring, this free e-book is about to change your life.


The Essential Guide to Successful Meetings

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