The Coaching Manager Training Notes


Coaching in a box.

‘The Coaching Managers Training Notes’ designed by Allan, is a license to run his 2 day programme designed to enable managers to begin coaching in the workplace. 

Coaching is an essential skill for any manager regardless of the industry they work in, and when managers coach their people and their teams effectively, then excellent results can be achieved and the potential of employees and work teams released.

This package will save you an amazing amount of time and money! Managers can learn to self-coach and to develop their own coaching skills although this package is probably best used by trainer-coaches within Training and HR departments of organisations.

This course has been developed over a number of years both within a blue chip organisation and within Allan Mackintosh's own management consultancy. It has been refined based on delegate feedback and recent feedback indicates that this format is now well accepted by those who have been on the course.

The Coaching Manager Trainer's Notes Package consists of the following:

  • The Coaching Manager e-book
  • 31 eye catching Power Point Slides
  • Trainer's notes on how to structure the course and use the slides
  • Case studies for role-play
  • Feedback form

The benefits of an organisation running their own courses;

  • no expensive external consultants need be brought in unless needed to train the trainers
  • more cost effective in the medium to long term.
  • enables internal training staff to develop close relationships during delivery and, crucially, in the follow-up. How many external trainers or consultants follow up the training?
  • saves time on designing and preparing the course
  • course contents and materials can be adapted to the organisation's needs and company logos can be applied to the materials.

The Advantages of buying ready-made training programmes:

  • All our licenses are designed by experts; people who have spent a number of years teaching the topic
  • They are all based on sound ‘learning’ principles
  • They save a small fortune in the time and energy it would take someone to design the programme from scratch
  • Courses can be run within a very short space of time – all the trainer has to do is to familiarize themselves with the manual or video
  • Our programmes come with a 100% money back guarantee


For more information on how to purchase a license to run this workshop e.mail [email protected]

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The Coaching Manager Training Notes

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