The Case of the Ego in the Dark Corner



David Holland provides 2 new rules to help you when you think that nothing is working.

If you are like many people who you believe that hard work, dedication and application are fundamental to success but some ingredient is a missing ..

David explains that the missing ingredient is that in order to get a positive result we need to have a positive attitude and philosophy towards ourselves, those around us. Then we need to look at how we do things not simply what we are doing.

You challenge is to accept that our business and our results are a direct reflection of us then we need to know how we can bring about positive change.

And David has the formula and the rules to help you.

The formula: Beliefs + (Thoughts x Actions) = Results

The Rules:

You will have to download this free book to learn more. A lovely read for anyone who is struggling with their ego in a dark corner and feeling frustrated, confused and unsuccessful.

About the Author

David has been a Manager, Director and a CEO of the Worlds No1 Business Coaching Company, he has been a business owner and entrepreneur who has been on stage in 20 countries and worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.Lynn, his wife of 25 years, and David have lived and worked together throughout the UK, in Las Vegas in the USA and now live and work out of the Lorraine region in France.

He is an award winning Engineer, professional Rock Drummer, Business Coach and Entrepreneur; now a professional Author - having written Life Rules OK and Your Business Rules OK - speaker, presenter, trainer and coach. On top of all this he has an MBA with distinction, is a qualified designer of boxes for the UK MoD, and has a certificate in underwater welding.

David is a unique international speaker, trainers, business guide and entrepreneur. He deilivers compelling, informatinve and humorous presentations and keynotes. His story from the charity shelter to the corner office, will inspire and educate everyone to be more than they believe they can be.

The Case of the Ego in the Dark Corner

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