The Boss


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A novel about the impact of work on the human spirit.  Based on true stories from the workplace.  You won't be able to put it down!

Lauren Johnson is a talented marketing professional in her thirties who changes jobs to escape the torment of a horrid manager.  But her dream job turns sour due to the erratic behaviour of the dysfunctional executive team.  Lauren just wants to do her job, but is constantly obstructed by the intimidating tactics of some managers, or the compliant behaviour of others, until finally she has to respond or have her spirit crushed.

Andrew O'Keeffe has been observing bosses for many years.  He's worked for bosses, and he's been a boss.  As a senior human resources executive, Andrew has worked closely with a range of bosses in diverse companies over his 25 year career.  He was employed by an iconic computer company, a leading telecommunications company and a global professional services firm.  Early in his career, he worked in industrial relations in the mining and manufacturing industries.

Andrew grew up in Broken Hill, Australia and studied economics, industrial relations and psychology at the University of Sydney.  He lives in Sydney, Australia and consults in the human dimension of organizations.

Reviews for the book:

"Deftly written" The Weekend Australian

"A must read" The Human Resources Magazine

"...a good read...a great training tool." HRMonthly

"...has all the trappings of a bestseller - humour, inspiration, education, drama and triumph" Australian Anthill magazine

 "True-to-life page-turner...a fantastic read" Radio 2ST

You will receive the Facilitator's Guide Free (via download) when you purchase the hard copy book

This guide can be used by educators and internal HR professionals for leadership development when they use the leadership questions at the back of The Boss..

The questions cover the main leadership characters in the book, and some of the universal "management events" that create a manager's authority to lead. A leader's authority depends on managing well a number of mandatory events - hiring people and bringing them onboard, appraisals, pay reviews, career reviews and reviews with senior leaders. Leaders can either do these events well and increase their leadership authority or do them poorly and reduce their leadership authority.

This guide provides the suggested answers to the "workplace guide" questions at the back of the book.



The Boss

$22.50 USD