The A to Z of Bright Ideas



Promoting Safety and Health in Your Place of Work

Although this is a book put together for NZ businesses, it holds such a fabulous wealth of great ideas, that it will be invaluable to ANY workplace.

The booklet has been compiled for:

  • Employers and managers to have legal responsibilites for H & S in their workplace (check you own country's legal framework)
  • H & S personnel who have a wealth of expertise and experience to contribute
  • Employees who have the energy and enthusiasm to maike things happen

A key message from the book is that ‘A safe workplace is no Accident'. The message being that a safe and healthy workplace won't happen of it's own accord. EVERYONE - employer, employees, families and the H & S professions are affected by an unsafe workplace.

This is a free booklet - send it to everyone in your organization. Make YOUR workplace a safe and healthy one.

About the authors:

This booklet was a joint venture between the NZ Department of Labour and OSH (Occupational Health and Safety) as a key part of an initiative called ‘Worksafe Week'.

The A to Z of Bright Ideas

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