The 7 Tragic Reasons Businesses Sabotage Their Own Success


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Ann Andrews believes that failure is not an option.

This Ebook alerts you to the 7 ways we ALL sabotage our business ideas so it might just help you firstly see that you are not alone, but also for those of you already in business, this book may highlight which of the seven traits is holding you back.

Realise also, that not one of the 7 reasons reasons is new or insurmountable. Someone before you has already faced every single one of them.

Hopefully they are still in business, because there is no reason for them NOT to be. All 7 are simply road bumps and you can beat any of them because that’s all they are – temporary road bumps.

In this book Ann will highlight the 7 ways we all sabotage our businesses, but also offers you thoughts and exercises to help you get past every single one of them.

About the Author

Ann Andrews CSP is a seriously inspirational entrepreneur who teaches organisations and individuals how to learn, unlearn and relearn so they can face any change and any challenge likely to hit their lives or their business.

Ann’s early experience in the military exposed her to astounding leadership skills and an unusual way of working that still amazes people. For the past 20 years Ann has passed on those skills to some of the largest corporates in New Zealand, showing them how a simple change in thinking can massively change their personal and business results.

The 7 Tragic Reasons Businesses Sabotage Their Own Success

$15.00 USD



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