Taking a Risk


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A Year In Uganda

The author tells the story of her early experience listening to a missionary nun talking of her experiences in Rwanda during the brutal years of Idi Amin. That story stayed with Kim all her life until the day came when she and her family decided to leave their comfortable, established life in New Zealand and move to Uganda.

They arrived knowing no-one, they had nowhere to live, no work to go to, no source of income and no schooling arranged for the children!

If you are reading this, and are at a stage in your life where you too are wondering about leaving security and taking on some kind of daring challenge, then Kim will inspire you.

Kim explains her three motivations:

  • She enjoys travel
  • She loves trying new things
  • She felt she had to take the risk and trust that things would work out

Follow Kim’s journey as she took in the extreme’s of beauty and poverty; the different value sets she encountered; kindness and generosity from people who had very little. The manic driving habits and complete lack of road rules and the hilarious 65 steps you need to take to get a driving license just so you can ignore the non-existent road rules.

Follow Kim’s regular blogs as she and her family find their way round a very different way of living and working.

This book makes amazing Sunday afternoon reading. You will smile, titter and laugh out loud. But one thing for sure – you will never again look at ‘change’ the same way.

About the Author:

Kim Chamberlain, MA Hons Linguisitcs, Dip CG, Dip FJ, ATM, APS is a professional conference speaker, trainer and published author.

She has won many speaking awards. Was the NZ Toastmasters National Champion and has been voted one of the world’s top newsletter writers.

Taking a Risk

$12.95 USD