Survival Game - Plane Crash



If you are a trainer or facilitator and have cause to use games in your sessions; then the ‘survival' games are up there with the best of the best in game interaction.

Not only are they taken from real life scenarios, they are ‘critiqued' by experts and the rationale for their choices explained so you will know that the answers are the right answers.

In this ‘game' you will find:

  • A powerpoint presentation
  • A facilitator sheet
  • An instruction handout
  • The answer sheet

These types of games really do encourage problem solving via discussion, negotiation, leadership and team-work.

About the supplier of the game:

Kevin Kopald is a sales trainer with Chiesi, USA. He very generously offered this game on a Linkedin trainers group when someone asked if anyone had a game they could use on a team building day.


Survival Game - Plane Crash

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