Succession Planning


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If you are ready to move up but you have nobody to step into your shoes, there are three choices. You can persuade your bosses to recruit someone from outside; you can train someone from your team to take on your role; or you get stuck where you are.  These all have outcomes that can have long term effects on your team and your reputation.

There are lots of arguments about succession planning but to not consider it as part of your management strategy can be short sighted.

In order for you to move into a more challenging role you will benefit from having a ready trained successor. This means developing your staff to:

  • identify their key skills, knowledge and qualities.
  • involve them in this process

Even if your team does not want a management position, those  individuals might not become excellent coaches for specific aspects of the department’s work.

Multi-skilling is a good way to start encouraging people to learn tasks outside their own immediate responsibilities. It also helps to ensure that your department has your key skills covered by more than one person.

Having a plan, a time frame and knowing who has which skills is key to the succession plan running smoothly. Knowing who are the best coaches in the range of skills needed and ensuring they are equipped to coach effectively is another essential part of the process.

For developing potential managers a mentor may be useful and this may need to be an external person for a smaller organisation.

Are you ready to move to your next career step? Ensure you have succession planning in place. Read and implement the ideas in the eBook today.

About the author

Lesley Morrissey is an author, coach, trainer, business consultant and professional speaker. She is passionate about developing people. This book is aimed at helping
you to take small steps to great results!

Lesley has worked in the UK and overseas with a diverse range of nationalities and with managers of many levels of expertise. Without exception, her practical approach to solutions has been received with enthusiasm by trainees and companies with who she consults.

Succession Planning

$12.50 USD