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How to Stand Out and Get Ahead

According to the author of this e-book, David Holland, typing "success" into Google returns 799,000,000 results, typing in "failure" returns a mere 351,000,000 which suggests that success is more popular than failure - which is a good start...

He suggests that everyone seems to wants to achieve the perfect life:

a. Not working whilst earning a passive income.

b. The perfect physique, including great teeth and 20:20 vision

c. Fabulous houses, cars, a yacht & a helicopter

d. A trophy partner

e. A perfect family and circle of "successful" friends

f. Wisdom that apparently only comes from being successful

He goes on to say that, not only does everyone want to be successful, they want it now! Which has led to a whole industry of Self Help, Shelf Help, Investment Clubs and Coaching Programs designed to provide a variety of "proven methods" which 100% guarantee that we will achieve the success we want so much.

So something isn't working because if all the 10 steps and 7 habits are correct - by now everyone should be independently wealthy, happy and "successful". There would be no poverty, unemployment, welfare or crime. We wouldn't need gated communities and all our doors could be left unlocked.

So how come then that:

  • The top 1% of people earn 25% of all the income?
  • The top 20% of people earn 50% of the all the income?
  • 15% of people live in poverty?

In this wonderful little book, David Holland hits us with the three things we all need to do to be successful:

  1. We have to be prepared to work hard
  2. We have to say yes
  3. We have to show up

What does he mean - well to find out you will need to read the book. It is FREE - so the hardest ‘work' you will have to do to find the answers, is to download the book!

Success Rules Ok

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