Success Is A Mind Game


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How To Improve Consistency and Results in Golf and Business

Every now and again a book comes across my desk which amazes me. This book by Steve Sharpley is such a book.

The interesting thing about this e-book is that it has taken the e-book to a new level - because in the book you will find video clips of Steve himself talking through various aspects of the book. So you will not find it difficult to become fully absorbed in this experience.

Steve played many sports when he was younger and experienced the effects of pushing himself too hard to perform at the highest possible level. He became overly stressed; overly anxious and stopped enjoying his sport.

He found his inconsistent performance frustrating. Everything we read urges us to work harder; push harder; train or work longer, yet in fact that thinking is not only counter productive to high performance it can actually be harmful to our health and well-being.

The author started studying high performance and recently discovered a very simple way of understanding how our minds work and how knowing that, can help anyone perform consistently and sustainably at a high level.

Join the author and he will take you through:

  • Why the mind matters
  • The secret power creating our experiences (good and bad)
  • Learning to learn and learning excellence for optimum results

The book is full of exercises, tables, graphs and suggestions for further reading.

It is no accident, that most sports coaches (and business coaches) talk about the fact that most of us don't achieve the results we should is because of the ‘top 2% of our brain'.

Testimonials for the Book:

Steve enabled me to immediately improve my focus and enjoyment on the course which improved my game and results. Even more impressive in the week since then I've already been able to reduce my stress away from the course and seen benefits in other areas too. I wish I'd had this when I was still playing professional rugby.

Tim Stimpson, ex England Rugby Full Back


Success Is A Mind Game

$12.99 USD