Shift Your But - For Managers (Card Game)


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Often managers blame employees when results aren't what they should be, yet at the exact same time, employees are blaming managers. Sadly, blame keeps everyone stuck. It allows each party to transfer responsibility to someone else.

This game is a great way to work with a group of managers to break the cycle of blame in a fun way. The game comprises two packs of playing cards. One pack contains 40 cards, each containing a different ‘but' - the reasons managers give for why something isn't working. For example:

  • You just can't get good staff these days
  • Look I only have X years to retirement. I just want to be left in peace to run my department the way I've run it for the past 20 years
  • We prefer our people not to make decisions. There's a huge risk of mistakes being made.

The second pack contains 40 inspiration cards - all the reasons why doing things differently ‘could' work:

  • We can easily forgive the employee who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy is the manager who is afraid of the light
  • The essence of your people is liberated when we make people believe that what they think and do is important. And then get out of their way while they do it (Jack Welsh).

These cards are extremely powerful; in training sessions, as ice-breakers, to start a meeting and even to hand out at conferences. They make people think and hopefully look in the mirror.

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Shift Your But - For Managers (Card Game)

$19.00 USD