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Australian customer service standards have remained largely static over two decades. Customer satisfaction has fallen, appreciably. 

The introduction of technology has improved efficiency but has contributed to more impersonal service styles. Twenty one years on, "Serves You Right!" remains the largest selling book on quality customer service in Australasia. 

It has just been released in e-book format following repeated requests, via social media, from around the world.  

The case-studies, anecdotes, principles and lessons remain current and relevant. Disturbingly, a quick read of "Serves You Right!" highlights just how little progress has been made in Australia on service excellence during the past two decades. 

Author Barry Urquhart maintains an ongoing schedule or original research into differing aspects of service delivery and management, addressing over 100 conferences and seminars on five continents each year. He said: "those companies and entities which embraced, reinforce, reward and celebrate service excellence principles inevitably win business, customer satisfaction and loyalty, without the need to discount prices. Sadly, there are few such Australian customer service icons".

He has countless stories about service heroes (and a few villains) to share. 

Enjoy your complimentary copy of the first chapter of "Serves You Right!" is attached. Enjoy. If you wish for the full text to be forwarded to you simply make contact.

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Serves You Right

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