Selling Yourself To Employers


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Winning strategies to gain your dream job and increase your salary!  

In this tight job market it could be very easy to become discouraged about looking for a new job; to take whatever comes along and settle for that until the market improves.

If, as the authors suggest, you viewed yourself as a ‘product' what would make you stand out from all the other ‘products' or job applicants. What is your uniqueness, what makes you better than the rest?

As an ex-recruiter and human resources management consultant for Deloitte, Tom O'Neil  was continually in contact with candidates who had a large amount of potential but weren't able to demonstrate how they added value to previous and current employers.

He found that most people have no idea how to actually ‘sell and market' themselves effectively to potential employers.

And so in this book - he and his co-author, have set out to show you the reader, how to sell yourself to any potential employer and ask for a salary that you believe you are worth.

  • This books will show you how to develop a powerful CV and covering letter because that is a potential recruit's first opportunity to stand out from the herd
  • Basic interviewing techniques and presenting your best ‘self' to the recruiter
  • Understanding why psychological testing is so important
  • How to take the ‘total' approach towards interviewing and what that means
  • Key questions and answers you need to prepare for and some excellent tools to help you understand the motivation behind the questions
  • Common questions you should ask the employer - an area lots of candidates fall over
  • Proven techniques to help you effectively negotiating your salary
  • Hunting down opportunities when no-one seems to be returning your call

And finally, how to get past the fear barrier of being in the interview situation.


Selling Yourself To Employers

$9.97 USD