Secrets Of Inspiring Leaders Exposed


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13 Stories of extra-ordinary people who have mastered the leadership challenge

This amazing book - Secrets of Inspiring Leaders Exposed - features some of Australasia's leading leadership experts...

  • Father Chris Riley (Youth off the streets)
  • Catherine Palin-Brinkworth (Leadership expert)
  • Ian Kiernan (Founder of Clean up Australia Day)
  • Liz Ellis (Captain Aust. Netball)
  • Phil Jones (Millionaire Entrepreneur)

If you are in a leadership role and are feeling the strain of these challenging times, then this book could take you to a whole new level of understanding, not only of the challenges of leadership, but also the amazing joys.

From the creator of the book:

"Do you realise your leadership ability will ultimately determine the size of your success?  This book takes you up-close and personal with 13 extraordinary people who have mastered the art of leadership and influenced millions around the world. Whether it's in business, sport, politics or within the community, you'll discover the secrets to becoming an exceptional leader!"

In the past, leaders were the people ‘in charge'.  They were appointed or anointed.  They had control of the organisation.  Their leadership was derived from their degree of ‘power over' and their position in the organisation.

Now leadership means something entirely different.  It is earned by your knowledge, your vision, your values and your skills. Now leadership is shared, and comes from many places within an organisation.  Now leadership is derived from ‘power within'. Do you have it?  Read this book to discover and learn the essential secrets known by those who have proven themselves as real leaders in their field.

Dale Beaumont

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Secrets Of Inspiring Leaders Exposed

$35.00 USD