ROI: The Sales Person's Secret Weapon


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A tool that makes a difference to your sales results

The author acknowledges that there are thousands of sales gurus in the world. What he wants to do in this e-book, is help you build on the skills you already have, and to add a few new tools to your toolkit.

And who can't use a few new tips, or ideas?

He is also the first person to admit that his technique is a very simple approach, but one that is missed in almost every area of business. So much so that when he explained his methodology to a well known worldwide electronics firm with its UK base in London,their reaction was "Wow, why aren't we doing this?'

And when they then went on to apply the technique, they turned the way they did sales on its head.

Derek Good has earned his living as a sales person. He now successfully works with companies and sales people to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. His new e-book is a great source of information and adds a practical tool to any sales person or manager's performance kit.

He covers the following topics:

  • Value for money - the edge for any sales person
  • ROI - the basics - understanding return on investment, especially the terms-investment and return.  To many sales people a sale is a sale - unless they understand the ‘cost' of a sale - they could be ‘selling' your company into bankruptcy!
  • Key Benefits - focusing on your points of difference
  • So what? Making sure you think things through.
  • Make your customer look good - keep things simple for the buyer
  • Honing your elevator pitch and knowing your offering.
  • Objections - preparing answers for possible objections.

This is a very practical, example filled e-book.

The author takes the reader through an actual ROI case study of a government call centre and how they massively improved their return on investment.This e-book will not only help managers understand what sales people are doing; it is a great tool for self-employed people to manage and measure their own sales process.

ROI: The Sales Person's Secret Weapon

$20.00 USD