Riding the Waves


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39 Experts share their tips for doing business in turbulent times

The Corporate Toolbox is entering it's fourth year in business. Every year we put together a new book for our audience. The first year our book was called '25 Ways to Beat a Recession' because we launched the site literally one month after the collapse of The Lehman Brothers Bank.

Last year we asked our key contributors to the site to offer their predictions for doing business in 2011 and 2012.

This year, after the massive upheavals still sending shock-waves around the world on a daily basis - Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland still facing massive challenges; the EU itself fighting to stay alive - we thought the best thing to include in this year's book was HOPE!

Hope that the financial crisis will end at some stage soon. Hope that we will all stay afloat when all around us seems to be crashing and burning.

So enjoy this year's book.

It is made up of the very best articles on our site for 2011; tips and tools from a variety of business experts, and if that isn't enough to excite you, we have included 20 FREE business resources to help you ride the waves of turbulent times.

About the Creator:

Ann Andrews CSP is the founder of The Corporate Toolbox. She runs her own HR Consultancy Teams from Woe To Go and has recently launced a brand new website designed to share stories of courage in the face of incredible adversity - Never In Our Wildest Dreams was launched literally 6 weeks after the first idea.

Riding the Waves

$17.00 USD