Return on Investment Toolkit


$39.97 USD

Simplifying the topic of ROI

This bundle consists of Derek's "Return on Investment Made Easy" e-book and his Return on Investment Calculator.

The e-book will provide you with key insights, simple formulas and practical thinking to help you understand ROI like never before and arm you for the boardroom with a solid business case.

• How to test and measure
• The importance of hard and soft measures
• Using the right language (to explain ROI to a busy manager)
• The magic formula
• 10 tips for getting a business case signed off
• Answers to various exercises

If you are an HR manager or trainer and despair of ever being able to convince managers and owners that training is an investment not a cost, then this book will show you how to present a business case that will be listened to.

The ROI Calculator

A tool so you can actually measure your training results against your investment dollars. That way instead of ‘gut' feel that the training was or wasn't cost effective, now you can know for sure.

You can physically enter in your figures and costs, and the calculator will tell you whether you will get a return on that investment.

All for a few minutes work.

Return on Investment Toolkit

$39.97 USD